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Momma Blue & Crayola Puppies Update & Happy Tails!

October 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Crayola Babies!!!


Remember these cuties?

Pearl, Althea, Chestnut & Shadow were all featured in the puppy bowl in 2013!!


It was a lot of fun for all of us!!!


It all started with Blue! She found herself pregnant and in danger of being euthanized in AL. But amazing rescuers came together and got her to a vets office in AL just hours before she gave birth!

Blue and her litter quarantined under an operating table at a vets office in AL.

The vet’s office and AL rescuers were amazing!!!


All ten puppies were healthy and mom and babies traveled to CT to live with our BBR crew there!


Pepper, now known as Ammo was adopted by a BBR foster mom in CT. He’s living with Murphy. Remember Murphy? He had the broken leg from the horse that trampled him? They are best buds and love living on a farm in CT!

photo (23)

Sonic Silver, now Pongo, lives in a wooded area of CT.

He loves his family as much as they love him!


Winter Sky is now Dasea. She is also living in CT and has a great family of her own!


Fuzzy Wuzzy is now Ricco. He’s still pretty fuzzy:) He’s also being spoiled by his CT family!


Indigo, now Leonides was adopted by our rock star CT vet and family. He’s totally being spoiled 🙂


Milky Way, now Harley, also lives in CT with family and his step siblings.

He finally grew into those fuzzy ears!


Sienna, now Althea got the most game time at the puppy bowl. If you watch carefully you will notice that the announcer called her by another dogs name…she was totally all over that field!

She was also adopted by one of our great CT vets and has an awesome family to call her own complete with kids and a step sister.


Shadow was a reserved player on the field and his adoptive family wouldn’t have it any other way. Shadow’s new step sister is Zinnia the mother of Zinnia’s garden! What a super happy ending for both of them!


Chestnut is now known as Cooper. Cooper was adopted by one of the camera men that filmed the puppy bowl!! Talk about love at first sight!! Cooper’s new family flew into CT to pick him up! Wow, what a great trip! Cooper found the time to write about his adventures (see the articles below).  Cooper is loving life 🙂 Cooper’s new family even found the time to do a race to raise money for BBR.

photo (2)photo067

And then there was Pearl. She had a close call with fame. Brian William’s and his daughter Allison considered adopting her.

Pearl was on the cover of the New Yorker, on Rock Center and then NBC news! She is a famous girl!

Pearl’s family has put up a face book page for her so we can all keep up with her.


Pearl is living the life with her CT family 🙂


And Blue, what about Blue????


Blue has found the time to rest and relax and feel safe!


Blue is also living the dream in CT (she even has her own convertible to cruise around in!)

From Blue and the entire BBR crew, we would like to thank all of the people that came together to help, love, and celebrate this amazing family!

Raising her family, going to the puppy bowl, and see them all go off to wonderful families has been wonderful and humbling for me. Thank you all!!!!!!!!! –Pat



March 4, 2013

Do you remember cute-as-a-button Donovan?  He is a Plott Hound/Lab mix pup.  He was the spunky little puppy that was found St. Patrick’s Day 2012 at only 4-5 weeks of age snuggled up to his momma who had been struck and killed by a car.  This little guy is a survivor!


Bonnie Blue Rescue brought this little guy into the rescue and found him a wonderful home in May of 2012 in Connecticut after a couple months in foster care.


His new family named him Henry and we thought he had found his happily ever after.


Through no fault of his own, Henry, has found himself back with Bonnie Blue Rescue.  He needs a new, loving home to call his own.  He is a high energy, but incredibly loving teenager.  Henry needs an active family that can set consistent boundaries as he is a punk (but a cute punk!) that tries to push the rules to get his way.  With some continuous reinforcement he is going to be a great dog!  He just needs someone that can give him all the love he so clearly deserves.


Please send Bonnie Blue Rescue a quick email at if you are interested in fostering or adopting this hunk of love!  Click here to apply to adopt Henry!

Sponsor’s needed for Zinnia’s Garden

February 27, 2013

Zinnia was alone, scared and pregnant at a high kill shelter in West Virginia. Thanks to a lot of help from a lot of volunteers she made it safely to CT! In CT she has been safely tucked away in a guest bedroom at her foster mom’s house and there she gave birth to her Garden 🙂

Puppy Sponsors needed!!

To help our rescue offset some of the costs associated with the vetting and care of a litter we are looking for puppy sponsors! There are two different sponsorship options available.

Full Sponsorship: Full sponsorship is $100 per puppy. Sponsors will get to name their pup (please choose a name that is “something you would find in Zinnia’s Garden”). You will receive a minimum of 3 updates while your sponsored pup is in foster care and will receive a happily-ever-after photo once your sponsored puppy is adopted and a Bonnie Blue Rescue bumper sticker!

Partial Sponsorship: Partial sponsorship is $25 per pup. These sponsors will receive one update while their sponsor pup is in foster care and will receive a happily-ever-after photo once their sponsor pup is adopted!

*** Please not there is the option for one full sponsorship & two partial sponsorship’s per pup!***************

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these pups please email us at and indicated your preferred sponsorship level.

Zinnia & her Garden!

Momma Zinnia:


Sponsored by Mike & Michelle Couch! Thank you!! Meet our own sweet Freesia:


Huckleberry sponsored by : Sibyl Marshall Thank you!!


Blue male:Image

Sponsored by Angie Smith & Sheri Snyder! Thank you! Please meet Parsley:

SImageGreen 1 female:ImageGreen female:Image

Sprout Sponsored by Lisa Leidig! Thank you!

ImageAlthea – Sponsored by Alison Birks! Image

An Adopt-a-Plush Holiday Event!

December 10, 2012


Are you looking for a way to give this Holiday Season and have a lot of fun?  Bonnie Blue Rescue is holding its first ever Adopt-a-Plush Event; it is a unique and rewarding fundraising event where 100% of proceeds will benefit countless homeless pups through Bonnie Blue Rescue.  All you have to do is donate $25.00 via PayPal to Bonnie Blue Rescue ( and you will receive a surprise plush pup in the mail by Christmas.

Please add your shipping address in the PayPal comments as well as your child’s name for the adoption certificate.

This event is limited to the first 30 “adopters” so act quick!  The fundraiser will end on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 to give enough time for the pups to be mailed out to their new “furever” homes!

Thank you and have a happy holiday with your fur-babies!

Help Cowboy!

November 11, 2012

Sweet Cowboy needs your help to get his “cowboy swagger” back!

We heard about Cowboy yesterday, he was in a high-kill shelter in rural Alabama and in desperate need of rescue. Cowboy had a knee injury that was causing him discomfort when he wanted to run and play; we could not bear to let that baby sit in a shelter without trying to get him help.

Thanks to one of our amazing AL rescue volunteers, we were able to spring Cowboy from the shelter bright & early yesterday morning and get him to our vet in Birmingham.

Here’s what we found out: Cowboy is 6-9 months old, heartworm negative (thank goodness!), but was loaded with whipworms, hookworms & roundworms. He has been in some discomfort from a previous trauma to his right rear leg that will require surgery.

By the looks of his x-rays this trauma happened when he was a younger puppy, and caused a medial patellar luxation. The type of trauma is unknown but could have been from anything with force (being hit/kicked, falling to the ground, etc). It was forceful enough to knock his knee out of joint to the point it could not go back into place on its own. The tibia then developed deformed (conformational defect) because of the knee displacement and lack of veterinary attention when this injury first occurred.

Thankfully, there is a surgery that can be done to correct Cowboy’s leg – it will allow him to have full range of motion and to return to normal puppyhood activities after a 6 week recovery period!  The surgery Cowboy will have is called Tibial Crest Transposition.

We have scheduled Cowboy’s surgery for Thursday, November 15th – but we need to raise $938 for his surgery by then (plus an additional $110 to cover his first round of x-rays from yesterday).

The quote from Dr. Murphy can be seen here:

Will you join us in sharing Cowboy’s story? In crossposting for help? Or in considering a small donation to offset the cost of Cowboy’s surgery? Every single dollar makes a difference!

As an extra incentive, everyone who donates $25 or more will receive one of our new Bonnie Blue Rescue bumper stickers as a “thank you” for your generous donation!

Donations can be made online via ChipIn by clicking the link here: OR by snail mail – email us at for our mailing address!

Thank you, thank you for your continued support of Bonnie Blue Rescue!

Daisy’s babies need our help!

November 2, 2012

Note: We have ended this fundraiser & are covering the remaining $932 needed for their treatment out of our Bonnie Blue Rescue Emergency Fund. Sadly, this has fully depleted our BBR ER Fund. :/

Our tiny cuties are so, so sick. They were exposed to parvo in their foster home when another shelter pup broke with it. Their foster mom did all that she could to keep them safe & healthy, but three tiny cuties from this litter died last week. 😦

We moved the remaining three pups & their friend Kalli (single pup pulled from the same shelter for BBR) to our full-service vet in West Monroe, LA. We knew that they would get the best care possible there. The babies spent all weekend at Cooper Vet getting fluids, meds & special care as needed. They were moved to a new foster home yesterday but our little guy, Silverado, we down hill again quickly.

Silverado is back at the vet clinic today for hospitalization. When his bloodwork was done today his Hct was at 12.5% which means that his red blood cell volume was been depleted (likely from fluid therapy for dehydration). Silverado is getting a blood transfusion now & will be monitored very carefully over the next few days. We are also keeping a very close eye on his sisters Ariel & Esmerelda!

Our bills from the last week total $1092.82 & counting. We want to continue providing them with the best care possible & will do whatever we can to save them. Would you consider chipping in a few dollars to help offset our vet costs on these babies? We would appreciate it more than you know.

Donations can be made online via Chipin here: (click the link to the right that says ‘ChipIn!’) or by calling in a donation to Cooper Vet Clinic (under the account of Bonnie Blue Rescue) at: 318.396.8099.

Updates on Silverado, Ariel, Esmerelda & Kalli (their “bonus” littermate) will be posted on our BBR blog here:



October 9, 2012

Cute Gumbo had a forever family lined up — and they changed their minds. Bummer!

But their loss is another family’s gain!

But the good news is that this sweet, amazing boy is still available — we know that there is a special family looking for him!

Gumbo is 12 lbs of pure love. His momma topped out around 25 lbs when full grown, so we do not expect Gumbo to be a large guy at all.

Gumbo loves to snuggle, snooze & play with his foster sister Sadie (who happens to be about 4 times bigger than Gumbo — but he’s not shy!)

Any room in your heart and home for this sweetie?

Email us today at for more info!

Momma Blue & Crayola Puppies – SPONSORS NEEDED!

September 9, 2012

Update: This sweet family is fully sponsored! Thank you, thank you!

We feel so thankful to be able to share that Momma Blue made it out of the shelter *just* in the nick of time.

She gave birth to 10 gorgeous babies less than 24 hours after leaving the shelter. Close call!

The babies are enjoying lots of TLC and extra special treatment thanks to the amazing staff at Crossroads Animal Hospital in Moody, AL. They will be moving to a foster home in CT in just a few weeks.

In true Bonnie Blue Rescue fashion, we try to give each new litter a theme. Since the momma to these little darlings was named Momma Blue, we decided that her litter would be “The Crayola Puppies” all named after Crayola Crayon colors!

Puppy sponsors needed!

To help our rescue offset some of the costs associated with the vetting and care for a litter this large, we are looking for puppy sponsors! There are two different sponsorship options available.

Full Sponsorship: Full sponsorship is $100 per pup. Sponsors will get to name their pup from the Crayola color list (we’ll email it to you!), will receive a minimum of three updates while their sponsor pup is in foster care, and will receive a happily-ever-after photo and update once their sponsor pup is adopted & a Bonnie Blue Rescue bumper sticker!

Partial Sponsorship: Partial sponsorship is $25 per pup. These sponsors will receive one update while their sponsor pup is in foster care and will receive a happily-ever-after photo and update once their sponsor pup is adopted!

**Please note that there is the option for 1 full sponsor & 2 partial sponsors for each pup!**

If you are interested in sponsoring of these pups, please email us at and indicate your preferred sponsorship level. We will update this blog post as individual pups are sponsored {& named}.

***Momma Blue & the Crayola Puppies***

Momma Blue – Sponsored by Mike & Michelle!

*     *     *

Winter Sky {f/k/a Female #1} – Sponsored by Angie & James & Lorrie!

*     *     *

Sienna {f/k/a Female #2} –  Sponsored by Sheryl!

*     *     *

Pearl {f/k/a Female #3}- Sponsored by Jade & John and Kim!

*     *     *

Pepper {f/k/a Male #1} – Sponsored by Jade & John and Judi!

*     *     *

Indigo {f/k/a Male #2} – Sponsored by Chris!

*     *     *

Chestnut {f/k/a Male #3} – Sponsored by Sheryl and Barbara and Kim!

*     *     *

Milky Way {f/k/a Male #4} – Sponsored by Jade & John!

*     *     *

Sonic Silver {f/k/a Male #5} – Sponsored by Cathy S & Judi W & Barbara M!

*     *     *

Shadow {f/k/a Male #6} – Sponsored by Jade & John!

*     *     *

Fuzzy Wuzzy {f/k/a Male #7} –  Sponsored by Sheryl!

Foster Families Needed!

August 7, 2012


It’s that time again! We need foster family help! We are in need of foster families starting THIS weekend (August 11/12) for Franklin & Grover! We are also in need of foster families starting over the NEXT 2 WEEKENDS (August 18/19 & 24/25) for the lab/basset mix pups & Benita. We have some amazing pups that need to be moved out of the south, but we are going to have to move them into boarding situations if we cannot find short term fosters for them. Eeek!
Even a two week foster commitment would be a huge help to us to allow us to keep these cuties out of boarding and secure longer-term foster families for them. Bonnie Blue Rescue can provide crates, toys, chewies, collar, leash, ID tag and will cover all medical needs for these cuties. We just ask that you provide food and love (& we’re even willing to cover the food, if needed!).
*     *     *
To sign up to foster, please fill out our foster application here:
*     *     *
More info on our sweeties needing foster homes (& photos of each below):
Grover (HAS FOSTER/NEEDS ADOPTER) is a totally adorable red/chocolate catahoula mix boy. He is 3 months old. Grover and his littermates were rescued from a high-kill shelter in rural Louisiana just in the nick of time. Sadly, Grover ad his littermates all got parvo but after some 24/7 vet care this sweet baby boy is back to 100%. He is totally healthy now and is just a normal catahoula mix puppy – happy, spunky, and sweet as can be. Grover is doing very well with housebreaking and cratetraining. He is awesome with the other dogs in his foster home and with his foster kitty siblings, too! Grover has a foster family lined up – thank you Kimberli & Stacia!
*     *     *
Franklin (HAS FOSTER/NEEDS ADOPTER) is Grover’s brother! He is a blue merle catahoula leopard mix boy who is just as spunky, sweet, and social as sweet Grover is. Franklin is also doing very well with housebreaking and cratetraining. He is awesome with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, cats and horses, too! Franklin is such an amazing boy with a big heart. Franklin has a foster lined up  – thank you Devon!
*     *     *
Nestle (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is an 11 week old Lab/Bassett Hound mix boy who is all love and snuggles. Nestle and his littermates have been living in an outdoor kennel in Alabama and they are ready to find foster families so they can learn all about cratetraining, housebreaking, and being indoor pups! Nestle loves snuggles, pets, and just to be loved on. He is going to make an exceptional forever pup for someone! Nestle needs a foster family starting 8.18.12.
*     *     *
Skittles (ADOPTED) is the cutest little lab/bassett (& maybe catahoula leopard dog) mix girl. She is 11 weeks old and has amazing coloring — much like that of a sable merle catahoula. So cool! Skittles loves people and runs right up to greet her new friends. She is very playful with her littermates and loves to eat! Skittles has a FOREVER FAMILY lined up! Yay! Congrats, Rachel!
*     *     *
Peppermint (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is a darling lab/bassett mix girl. Peppermint is 11 weeks old and all love and kisses. She is very sweet and is eager to please. Peppermint loves people and adores being snuggled and held! Peppermint needs a foster starting 8.18.12.
*      *     *
Cinnamon (ADOPTED) is a sweet little lab/basset hound mix girl who is 11 weeks old. She is all snuggles & love and loves to give kisses to her new human friends. Cinnamon has a forever family liked up – congrats Mike!
*     *     *
Benita (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is a adorable shaggy little mix breed girl. She is 2 years old and 20 lbs – the vet thinks that she is a shih-tzu/terrier mix! Benita already knows some basic obedience like “sit” and “come”. She is well-mannered and is an all around gentle girl. Benita would be great in a home with kids! Benita needs a foster home starting 8.24.12.
*     *     *
Snickers (HAS FOSTER/NEEDS ADOPTER!) is a male lab/bassett/catahoula mix boy  who is 11 weeks old. Snickers is soooooo sweet. Snickers is excited to make it to foster care and to become an indoor pup. He is also ready to find a family of his own to spoil him to pieces! Snickers has a foster home lined up – thanks Elise! Snickers still needs an adoptive home!
*      *      *
Pixie (ADOPTED) is a gorgeous black and tan lab/bassett mix girl who is currently 11 weeks old. She and her littermates are currently living in outdoor runs and are very excited to make their way to rescue and learn all about being indoor dogs. Someone mentioned A/C to Pixie & she was VERY excited about this A/C stuff she hears so much about!  Pixie has a forever home lined up – Congrats Kathleen!
*      *     *
Hercules (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is another lab/basset mix puppy and is the biggest boy in his litter. He’s still walking on short legs … but he has a large body. So if you are looking for a lazy, mellow, chubby guy – look no further! Hercules has a gorgeous brindle trim on part of his body. Hercules is in need of a foster family (or forever family) starting 8.24.12.
*     *     *
To sign up to foster, please fill out our foster application here:

Darling Bluebelle

July 23, 2012

Meet Miss Bluebelle!

Bluebelle is a gorgeous 1 year old German Shepherd mix girl who is ready to find her forever family.

Bluebelle is one lucky girl — the high-kill shelter she was in kept her on their adoption floor for almost a month. Often dogs are euthanized there the same day they come in which tells us that Bluebelle must have been a staff favorite! We can see why — not only is she absolutely gorgeous but she has an amazing personality to boot!

Bluebelle is still pretty underweight, but is steadily gaining weight in her foster home. She loves being out of the shelter and surrounded by people who love her.

It’s obvious that Bluebelle just cannot get enough love – sweet girl!

Bluebelle is great with the kids in her foster home and also does well with other dogs.

Because she went so long without regular meals, there is a concern that Bluebelle might be a little concerned about sharing her food with other canine family members. This is something that we would need for her forever family to be mindful of this and committed to helping Bluebelle continue to get past her food issues. We are hopeful that with a lot of love, positive reinforcement and the understanding that she will never go hungry again that Bluebelle’s minor food  issues with other dogs will continue improving.

Bluebelle is cratetrained, housebroken, and full of love to share.

She LOVES splashing in the water, going for walks with her foster family, and giving kisses!

If you are interested in adopting this gorgeous girl, email us at for more info!