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Miss Truffle is an absolutely AMAZING black lab mix.

photo 1

She is your typical lab girl – happy go lucky, easy to please, & social with everyone she meets.

photo 2

Truffle was rescued from a high-kill shelter in rural Louisiana.


She has been looking for her forever family through Bonnie Blue Rescue since OCTOBER! We are floored that this awesome girl hasn’t been scooped up yet.


Truffle would fit into almost any home — she has so much love to give!

Truffle is amazing with kids and other dogs. She is totally housebroken & cratetrained and is an all around awesome girl.

photo 3

If you are interested in adopting Truffle, just email us at

We will gladly send more information your way.

Cute videos of Truffle playing here:


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Handsome Finn has been in rescue since October & we cannot believe that this gorgeous, sweet guy has not been scooped up.


Finn is an AMAZING pup.


He is right at 1-2 years old and is totally cratetrained and housebroken.


Finn is great with other dogs and enjoys going to doggy daycare to romp and play with his canine friends as often as he can! He also really enjoys sharing his home with his foster brother, Marley.


Finn is good off-leash and has excellent recall.

He is currently fostered on a small farm and does well with the horses and the donkey and has been around young kids.


Finn is great with everyone!

For more information on ADOPTING this gorgeous boy, email us at

Godspeed, little one.

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What a sad day at Bonnie Blue Rescue.

Our sweet baby Katie crossed over Rainbow Bridge this morning at the emergency vet. Katie had a 6 inch rectal prolapse due to straining from her high worm load. Katie’s death would have been completely preventable if her former owners had bothered to worm her at any point during the last 8 weeks before they dumped her at the shelter to die; unfortunately the deworming, fluids, metronidazole and veterinary treatment as soon as she was rescued this week was too late.

The 6 inches of the rectal prolapse included the colon and sphincter. The ER vet did not think that Katie would have had control over her bowels even if she could have survived the surgery and infection. The vet had never seen a rectal prolapse this bad in a puppy before; her recommendation was to have Katie humanely euthanized.

Our hearts are broken for this little baby, but we are so thankful that she got to spend a few days in a foster home knowing love and being adored.

Please join us in sending good vibes and prayers for her foster family who have very heavy hearts today.

Rest in peace, sweet girl.

An Adopt-a-Plush Holiday Event!

December 10, 2012 by


Are you looking for a way to give this Holiday Season and have a lot of fun?  Bonnie Blue Rescue is holding its first ever Adopt-a-Plush Event; it is a unique and rewarding fundraising event where 100% of proceeds will benefit countless homeless pups through Bonnie Blue Rescue.  All you have to do is donate $25.00 via PayPal to Bonnie Blue Rescue ( and you will receive a surprise plush pup in the mail by Christmas.

Please add your shipping address in the PayPal comments as well as your child’s name for the adoption certificate.

This event is limited to the first 30 “adopters” so act quick!  The fundraiser will end on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 to give enough time for the pups to be mailed out to their new “furever” homes!

Thank you and have a happy holiday with your fur-babies!

Kourtney {Kardashian}

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Gorgeous Kourtney is ready to meet her forever family.


Can you share this post on facebook? Via email? Send her photo to a friend or family member? We know that there is a special family out there waiting for this girl — we just need YOUR HELP to find them!


Kourtney is a gorgeous 1 year old Catahoula/Terrier mix.


She is full grown at 32 lbs!


Kourtney is incredibly social and very, very sweet!


She loves to snuggle, play, and sniff the Christmas tree!


Can you help this tiny little cutie find her forever family? She would be so appreciative!


For more information email us at


Cowboy Update — Out of Surgery!

November 15, 2012 by

A quick update from Cowboy’s foster momma:

Cowboy is out of surgery & he did well. His anatomy once getting in there was a little more oddly shaped than how it appeared on xray. Dr. Murphy had to create a new groove in the femur where the patella sits in order to line the quadraceps muscle with the tibial crest. We are hoping for good function and we will be able to determine more of the function of his leg throughout the recovery process. We do expect Cowboy to have a full recovery and will be able to enjoy regular activities, we just do not know at this point if he will have a limp/altered gait.

Cowboy will spend a few days at the vet clinic being monitored closely post-surgery but should be able to go back home with his foster family this weekend!

Cowboy video here (watch for his tail wag!):

One more GIANT thank you to each of you who helped us get sweet Cowboy to and through surgery today. We are so incredibly appreciative of all that you do to support our rescue babies!

Short Term Foster Needed — Commerce, GA Area!

November 14, 2012 by
Photo: SHORT TERM FOSTER NEEDED - COMMERCE, GA area (3 weeks)  Do we have any rescue friends in/around Commerce, GA area who would be willing to short-term foster (3 weeks) two darling 6-week old catahoula leopard babies for us? They were on their way to be surrendered to the shelter but a local rescuer intervened & took the two babies home with her. Their dad was euthanized immediately at the shelter (owner surrender in a crowded rural shelter close to the holidays - no chance of making it out alive :/) & we don't know what happened to their mom; but what we do know is that these two babies can have a wonderful life if we can get them into our Bonnie Blue Rescue foster care program.
Do we have any rescue friends in/around Commerce, GA area who would be willing to short-term foster (3 weeks) two darling 6-week old catahoula leopard babies for us?
These sweet babies were on their way to be surrendered to the shelter but a local rescuer intervened & took the two babies home with her. Their dad was euthanized immediately at the shelter (owner surrender in a crowded rural shelter close to the holidays = no chance of making it out alive :/)
& sadly, we do not know what happened to their mom.
What we do know is that these two babies can have a wonderful life if we can get them into our Bonnie Blue Rescue foster care program.
Can you share this post & crosspost their photos to your GA contacts to see if someone will step up to short-term foster?
Email us at if you can help short term foster these two babies!

Cowboy says, “Thank You!!”

November 14, 2012 by

Cowboy says “THANK YOU” to his friends who crossposted, shared, donated & who continue to send well-wishes his way.

Thanks to each of you this sweet boy will get to go in for his surgery Thursday as planned! Yippee!

We will keep you posted on how he does through recover – we know Cowboy has a lot of friends cheering him on!

For now, please continue sending well-wishes for a perfect surgery & easy recovery period.

Help Cowboy!

November 11, 2012 by

Sweet Cowboy needs your help to get his “cowboy swagger” back!

We heard about Cowboy yesterday, he was in a high-kill shelter in rural Alabama and in desperate need of rescue. Cowboy had a knee injury that was causing him discomfort when he wanted to run and play; we could not bear to let that baby sit in a shelter without trying to get him help.

Thanks to one of our amazing AL rescue volunteers, we were able to spring Cowboy from the shelter bright & early yesterday morning and get him to our vet in Birmingham.

Here’s what we found out: Cowboy is 6-9 months old, heartworm negative (thank goodness!), but was loaded with whipworms, hookworms & roundworms. He has been in some discomfort from a previous trauma to his right rear leg that will require surgery.

By the looks of his x-rays this trauma happened when he was a younger puppy, and caused a medial patellar luxation. The type of trauma is unknown but could have been from anything with force (being hit/kicked, falling to the ground, etc). It was forceful enough to knock his knee out of joint to the point it could not go back into place on its own. The tibia then developed deformed (conformational defect) because of the knee displacement and lack of veterinary attention when this injury first occurred.

Thankfully, there is a surgery that can be done to correct Cowboy’s leg – it will allow him to have full range of motion and to return to normal puppyhood activities after a 6 week recovery period!  The surgery Cowboy will have is called Tibial Crest Transposition.

We have scheduled Cowboy’s surgery for Thursday, November 15th – but we need to raise $938 for his surgery by then (plus an additional $110 to cover his first round of x-rays from yesterday).

The quote from Dr. Murphy can be seen here:

Will you join us in sharing Cowboy’s story? In crossposting for help? Or in considering a small donation to offset the cost of Cowboy’s surgery? Every single dollar makes a difference!

As an extra incentive, everyone who donates $25 or more will receive one of our new Bonnie Blue Rescue bumper stickers as a “thank you” for your generous donation!

Donations can be made online via ChipIn by clicking the link here: OR by snail mail – email us at for our mailing address!

Thank you, thank you for your continued support of Bonnie Blue Rescue!

Daisy’s babies need our help!

November 2, 2012 by

Note: We have ended this fundraiser & are covering the remaining $932 needed for their treatment out of our Bonnie Blue Rescue Emergency Fund. Sadly, this has fully depleted our BBR ER Fund. :/

Our tiny cuties are so, so sick. They were exposed to parvo in their foster home when another shelter pup broke with it. Their foster mom did all that she could to keep them safe & healthy, but three tiny cuties from this litter died last week. 😦

We moved the remaining three pups & their friend Kalli (single pup pulled from the same shelter for BBR) to our full-service vet in West Monroe, LA. We knew that they would get the best care possible there. The babies spent all weekend at Cooper Vet getting fluids, meds & special care as needed. They were moved to a new foster home yesterday but our little guy, Silverado, we down hill again quickly.

Silverado is back at the vet clinic today for hospitalization. When his bloodwork was done today his Hct was at 12.5% which means that his red blood cell volume was been depleted (likely from fluid therapy for dehydration). Silverado is getting a blood transfusion now & will be monitored very carefully over the next few days. We are also keeping a very close eye on his sisters Ariel & Esmerelda!

Our bills from the last week total $1092.82 & counting. We want to continue providing them with the best care possible & will do whatever we can to save them. Would you consider chipping in a few dollars to help offset our vet costs on these babies? We would appreciate it more than you know.

Donations can be made online via Chipin here: (click the link to the right that says ‘ChipIn!’) or by calling in a donation to Cooper Vet Clinic (under the account of Bonnie Blue Rescue) at: 318.396.8099.

Updates on Silverado, Ariel, Esmerelda & Kalli (their “bonus” littermate) will be posted on our BBR blog here: